You are the best thing    (video)    (clip)    (midi)


    instrumental intro = CHORUS


   G       D - Em                  C              G       - D - Em

1.    Baby,        it's been a long day, baby,


    things ain't going my way,

                        G      D          - Em        C            D    D7

    you know I need you here         to clear my mind, all of the time.


   G              D    - Em                        C                   G    - D - Em

2.    And, baby,          the way you move me, it’s crazy,

                         C                                       G             D     - Em

    it's like you see right through me, you make it easier,

           C                             D                        - D7

    to please me, you don't even have to try,        oh because ...


G         B7        Em           - C - G         B7        Em            - C

    You are the best thing,             you are the best thing,

G         B7        Em           - C - C           D                 G    - D

    you are the best thing,             ever happened to me.


   G       D   - Em                       C

3.    Baby,          we've come a long way,

G      D   - Em                     C                                        G          - D - Em

    baby,         you know, I hope and I pray that you believe me,

                 C                  D                       D7

    when I say this love will never fade away. Oh because...




   Em                                             Bm

+      Now both of us have known love before,

Em                                        Bm

    to come on up promising, like the spring,


    just walk on out the door,

                                       - G

    our hearts are strong           and our hearts are kind,

C                                    D                  D7

    well, let me tell you exactly what is on my mind.


+  CHORUS   +  D     +  CHORUS      +  D    +  CHORUS


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Ray LaMontagne)