With or without you (Listen to midi)  (sample)


   C                 G                      Am

1.   See the stone set in your eyes,

                    F                         C           G        Am   - F

    see the thorn twist in your side, I'll wait for you.

C                 G                         Am

    Slight of hand, and twist of fate,

                         F                               C

    on a bed of nails she makes me wait.

               G         Am       - F                  C          G                  Am         - F

    And I wait without you,    with or without you,   with or without you.


   C                        G                            Am

2.   Through the storm we reach the shore,

                      F                       C

    you give it all, but I want more.

                    G      Am        - F                  C

    And I'm waiting for you,      with or without you,

G                 Am             F              C -G                 Am       - F-C-G-Am-F

   with or without you, aha, I can't live    with or without you.


                C                     G                  Am                    F

And you give yourself away, and you give yourself away,

                C                   G                   Am                   F

and you give, and you give, and you give yourself away.


   C                          G  - Am                 F

3.    My hands are tied,       the body bruised,

                         C                    G           Am                  F

    you got me with nothing to win, and nothing left to lose.

                                          C         - G                  Am          F

+ CHORUS + with or without you,      with or without you, oh.

               C   - G                 Am        - F    C  G  Am  F  C G Am - F

   I can't live       with or without you.    Oho,     oho,   oho,    oh.

                       C         - G                  Am            F

   With or without you,      with or without you, oho,

                 C  - G                    Am         - F                    C

    I can't live         with or without you,        with or without you.


    C ~ ~   + C-G-Am-F   + C-G-Am-F....   


(capo 2nd)