Shotgun wedding    (video)


    D    - A - D

   (shots heard & wedding march played)



1.     People were standing, all around,


    at a shot gun wedding, here in this town,

D                                    A

    and I'm a victim, oh yeah, of a shotgun wedding,

                        E                                           D                    

    ‘cause your father’s got a gun and there ain't no place to run,

        A                                  - E

    shotgun wedding, and oh       yeah.


         A                        - A7

2.  (shot) (shot) (shot)  ,

                      D          A

    My my my my, oh yeah, somebody please,

                     - E     - D                              A            E

    somebody,      o….h, please help me now, oh, yeah.



3. Now I got to find a job, yes, I have,


    for you, me, the baby makes three.


    Shotgun (shotgun), shotgun (shotgun),


    shotgun (shotgun), shotgun (shotgun),

        E                                  D

    shotgun (shotgun), oh, shotgun (shotgun),

                    A                       - E

    shotgun wedding, and oh       yeah.


                      A - E  (wedding march played in the background)

(spoken : ) Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife ?












     A - D           - A

    O……h, ye….ah, I looked around,


    and all I could see, and all I could see,

                      D                        A                                 E

    all I could see, yeah, was shotguns (shotguns), shotguns (shotguns).



4. Shotguns (shotguns), shotguns (shotguns),


    shotgun wedding (shotguns), shotguns.

               D                                         A

    Somebody, please, come rescue me, and oh yeah,

                                   E                 D               A

    Lord, Lord, Lord, shotgungs (shotguns), shotgun wedding ….


    (Roy C)