PRETTY PAPER (Listen to midi)


            D                                    A

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue,

                                             A7                D

wrap your presents to your darling from you.

                             D7              G

Pretty pencils to write “I love you”.

            D                  A              G-D     - A

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue.


                        D              A              D

1. Crowded street, busy feet hustle by him,

                                           A               D

    downtown shoppers, Christmas is nigh.

                                 D7               G

    There he sits all alone on the sidewalk,

      B7                                            A

    hoping that you won’t pass him by.


                         D                 A                     D

2. Should you stop? Better not, much too busy !

                                         A                    D

    You’re in a hurry, my, how time does fly !

                                    D7           G

    In the distance the ringing of laughter,

                       D                 A                 D

    and in the midst of the laughter he cries.




    (midi = capo 5th, differs widely from original)
(Roy Orbison)