LINGER    (intro) (midi)


         D                                                    A

1. If you, if you could return, don't let it burn  don't let it fade,


    I'm sure I won't be rude, but it's just your attitude,


    it's tearing me apart it's ruining everyday.


          D                                                                        A

2. I swore, I swore I would be true, but honey so did you,


    so why were you holding her hand, is that the way we stand,


    were you lying all the time,was it just a game to you.


           D                                              A

But I miss you, you know I'm such a fool for you.


You got me wrapped around your finger,


do you have to let it linger?


Do you have to, do you have to, do you have to let it linger?


              F#m                                               C                         

    Oh, I thought I loved you, I thought that nothing could go wrong,


    but I was wrong, I was wrong.


         D                                                     A

2. If you, if you could get by trying not to lie,


    things wouldn't be so confused, and I wouldn't feel so used,


    but you always ruin, you, I just wanna be with you. 


+ CHORUS   + D - A - C - G   + CHORUS  + D - A - C - G - D