Let’s twist again    (intro)    (midi)


                    ( C )

 (spoken : ) Come on everybody, clap your hands !

 Aw, youīre looking good !

Iīm gonna sing my song, it wonīt take long,

we gonna do the twist and it goes like this :   


   G                           C                                     Am

1.    Come on letīs twist again like we did last summer,

                        F                                        G

    yeah, letīs twist again like we did last year.

                      C                                                Am

    Do you remember when things were really hummin’ ?

                         F               - G                           C         C7

    Yeah, letīs twist again,         twistin' time is here !  Yeah!


    F                                                          C

Around and round and up and down we go again,

       F                                                    G    G7

oh baby, make me know you love me so, then !

          C                                      Am

Let’s twist again like we did last summer,

                          F            - G                              C

come on, let's twist again         like we did last year !


    C - Am - F - G


                               C                                Am

    Who's that flyin' up there? Is it a bird? (NO)

                            F     - G                                  C         G

    Is it a plane? (NO)          Is it the twister? (YEAH) Yeah!


+ repeat verse 1      + repeat CHORUS    +


                               F            - G                             F       - C

    Come on, let's twist again         twistin’ time is here !


(orig. = capo 3rd; midi= capo 2nd : D - G - Em - C - D...) 
(Chubby Checker)