Hello Mary Lou    (midi)


          G                 - C

    Hello Mary Lou,     goodbye heart,

                  G                                         D

     sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you.

          G                   - B7                  Em

    I knew Mary Lou,       we'd never part,

              A             D                    G

    so Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart.



1. You passed me by one sunny day,


    flashed those big brown eyes my way,

              G                                       D

    And , oh, I wanted you forever more.


    Now I'm not one that gets around,


    I swear my feet stuck to the ground,

            G              D                       G

    And so I never did meet you before.    + CHORUS



2. I saw your lips I heard your voice,


    believe me I just had no choice

             G                                                D

    wild horses couldn't make me stay away.


   I thought about a moonlit night,


   my arms around you, girl, so tight,

             G                D                   G

   that's all I had to see for me to say.


                                 A             D                     G

+ CHORUS  + so hello, Mary Lou, goodbye heart.


    (midi = capo 2nd) (Ricky Nelson)