Good Vibrations    (intro) (Listen to midi)


     Am                               G

1.    Ah! I love the colorful clothes she wears,

                   F                       Dm                    E

    and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair

    Am                                    G

    Ah! I hear the sound of a gentle word,

                 F                        Dm                            E - G

    on the wind that lifts her perfume through the air.


C         F              C          F         C             F                  C    F

    I'm pickin' up good vibrations,     she's givin' me the excitations.

C        F               C          F         C            F                  C   F

    I'm pickin' up good vibrations,    she's givin' me the excitations.

   D        G       D        G                     D            G                  D   G

Good, good, good, good vi(brations),   she's givin' me the excitation.

   E        A        E       A                      E            A          E       A     E

Good, good, good, good vi(brations),  she's givin' me    the excitations.


     Am                                                G

2.    Close my eyes, she's somehow closer now,

      F                   Dm                        E

    softly smile, I know she must be kind.

      Am               G                                  F                 Dm                  -E-G

  Whe...n  I look in her eyes, she goes with me to a blossom world.


                           D    A    E      D

 + CHORUS   + My, my, my, what e(lation),


    I don`t know where, but she sends me there.

     G    D    A      D                            E    A    E       D     E        - G

    My, my, my, what a sen(sation), My, my, my, what elation.


    + CHORUS ..........


(Capo 6th)       


    (The Beach Boys)