Down in the boondocks    (video)    (live)    (intro)    (midi)


    G ~ ~


  G                                     C

Down in the boondocks, down in the boondocks,

   D                                          C                                         G

people put me down 'cause that's the side of town I was born in.

G                                                  C

 I love her, and she loves me, but I don't fit her society,

  D                                    C                                G

Lord, have mercy, I'm a boy from down in the boondocks.


      G                                                          C                      G

1. Every night I watch the light from that house up on the hill,

       G                            C                       B7                   Em

    I love a little girl that lives up there, I guess I always will.

          C                            D                                    C                           D

    But I don't dare knock on her door, ‘cause her daddy is my boss man,

          C                     D                    C                             D

    so I’ll just have to be content to see her whenever I can.


+ CHORUS     (orig. moves up half a Step to capo 3rd here) - - -


      G                                    G

+ Down in the boondocks, down in the boondocks.


      G                                             C                            G

2. One fine day I'll find a way to move from this old shack,

          G                        C                  B7                              Em

    I'll hold my head up like a king, I never, never will look back.

           C                              D                           C                     D

    But 'til that morning I'll work and slave, and I'll save every dime,

               C                              D                 C                          D

    but tonight she'll have to steal away to see me one more time.




     D                                    C                                 G

+ Lord, have mercy, I'm a boy from down in the boondocks. (2x)


(orig.=capo 2nd; life version=capo1st; midi=no capo)    (Billy Joe Royal)