Don’t cry    (midi)


  Em                  Am                - D                               G  -  D

1.    Talk to me softly, there`s       something in your eyes.

Em                           Am                  - D                             G   - D

    Don`t hang your head in sorrow,      and please don`t cry.

Em                         Am            - D                               G    - D

    I know how you feel inside,        I´ve been there before.

Em                      Am                          - D                           G - D

    Something`s changing inside you,       and don`t you know.


C                    D     Em                                D      - C                 D     Em

    Don`t you cry  tonight (I still love you baby),    don`t you cry tonight.

D-C                    D       G                         D          Em              D

       Don`t you cry tonight, there`s a heaven above you, Baby,

 C                           D     Em

    and don`t you cry tonight.


  Em                    Am       - D                         G   - D

2.     Give me a whisper,      and give me a sigh.

Em                 Am                   - D                      G   -  D

    Give me a kiss before you       tell me goodbye.

Em                Am                          - D                                              G  - D

    Don`t you take it so hard now,       and please don`t take it so bad.

Em                Am                  - D                         G  D Em    D

    I`ll still be thinking of you,     and the time we ha.......d, Baby. + CHORUS

  Am                        D         - G            D      Em

       And please remember       that I never lied,

Am                        D         - G           D     Em

     and please remember,      how I felt inside, now, Honey.

Am                  D                               - G                       Em

     You gotta make it your own way,      but you`ll be alright now, Sugar,

Am                  D                      - G                   D         Em            D

     you`ll feel better tomorrow,      come the morning light now, Baby.


 C                    D     Em      D - C                    D    Em

     Don`t you cry  tonight,              don`t you cry tonight.

D - C                   D    Em                      D         Em              D

         Don`t you cry tonight, there`s a heaven above you, Baby

 C                            D  - C                            D

      and don`t you cry,         don`t you ever cry,  

 C                     D   Em      G        C         D

      don`t you cry tonight, baby, maybe, someday,

 C                     D   - C                           D   - C                   D   Em

      Don`t you cry,         don`t you ever cry,       don`t you cry tonight.


    (Guns n` Roses)