57 Chevrolet   (midi)



1. Come and look at this old faded photograph,

      C                        D                     G

    Honey, tell me what it brings to mind.


    It's a picture of that '57 Chevrolet.

       C                           D                        G

    I wish that we could ride it one more time.


2. I still get excited when I think about,

             C                       D                         G

    the drive-in picture shows you took me to.


    But I don't recall a lot about the movie stars,

       C                       D                  G

    mostly that old Chevrolet and you.


    C                      D                   G          C                     D           G

They don't make cars like they used to, I wish we still had it today.

        C                 D                 G                            C

The love we first tasted, the good love we're still living,

      G                   C     D            G

we owe it to that old '57 Chevrolet.



3. Remember when we used to park it in the lane,

           C                   D             G

    and listen to the country radio?


    We'd hold on to each other while the singer sang,

                      C                    D                    G

    and we'd stay like that 'til it was time to go.


4. Now it makes me sad to think the good old days are gone,

          C                         D                       G

    although our love is still as strong today.


    But the world would have a lot more lovers hanging on,

                C               D            G

    if they still made '57 Chevrolets.


                                 G                   C    D             G

+ CHORUS    + We owe it to that old '57 Chevrolet.


             (capo 2nd)       (Billie Jo Spears)